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Tokio Restaurant Bar is one of our favorite and there is no better place in Limassol to try Japanese cuisine. Tokio offers to its guests a sushi experience that few can compete with. Located in the heart of tourist area, with its sophisticated and elegant décor paired with soft lighting and an air of stylishness, Tokio earned the love and rave reviews of local gourmets and guests of Limassol.

Everything here is arranged at a very high level and the waiters are able to take the appropriate care of their customers, leaving no one unsatisfied. The chef Stephanos Chrysanthou, personally welcomes each guest and tries to do his best in order to please everyone.



As far as the menu is concerned, there is a sushi galore as menu’s finest. Starting from the simplest maki rolls to the most elaborate sushi dishes, the menu is an open invitation for sushi-fans but also for those who want to try something new. You can choose from a variety of fish or meat sushi, and also choose the form they come in, be it nigiri or sashimi. Tokio has a big variety of hot food choices enables you to enjoy a well-balanced dinner; one can also combine with hot starters, for example, salad & hot dishes.

The most distinctive item on the menu we have tried is Unagi bbq eel with sweet soy sauce (6 euro), but the highlight here is the crab and lobster with salad leaves and Asian chilli lemon dressing (21 euro). The dishes are a delight to the palate. The taste of the salad is unbelievable! The strong spicy flavor of chilli, paired with lemon’s freshness and the tenderness of crab and lobster, created an unmatched cocktail.

Another amazing dish, which is our favorite on the menu, is wagyu houbayaki (42 euro). It is 100 g wagyu beef fillet with sumiji mushrooms and lotus root, cooked on a mini Japanese bbq grill, with Japanese hoba leaf scent.

We do have to take a moment here, to comment most favorably on this dish.

Houba-yaki beef is a dish prepared by grilling miso (soybean paste) and other ingredients on a leaf of the Japanese Magnolia (“houba” in Japanese), which grows in the alpine forests of the Hida Region (in the northern part of Gifu Prefecture). It represents the local cuisine of the Hida Region, wherein you can enjoy the aroma of magnolia leaves and miso. The rich taste of Tajima Beef, goes perfectly with the flavor of miso. The combination of flavors was rather remarkable and we wouldn’t have imagined that they would have been taste so well together.


For those who aren’t sushi and maki fans, Tokio Restaurant Bar also has an exciting selection of Japanese salads & soups, as well as fish and meat dishes. It is also comforting to know that the Chef cooks everything from the scratch, because he believes the freshness will give the maximum taste.

All dishes come packed with flavors, each with its own signature and many of the served dishes, have been inspired, after Chef visited several Asian regions and created them, with culinary twists of his own.

In terms of value for money, it will be hard to evaluate this place. With all the food mentioned above, along with few glasses of high quality wine (7-8 euro per glass), the bill was not even 40 euro per person, which is, from our point of view, a good price for a premium restaurant such as Tokio.


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